Church Mutual continues to look for new and innovative ways to serve our customers. In 2017, that meant new safety resources, enhanced technology-based programs and more connections with our customers through improved communication channels.

Risk control and safety resources

Guided by our purpose to help protect the people, places and traditions our policyholders hold dear, here are a few of the innovative resources we provided during the past year:

Armed intruder training

Working with national experts, Firestorm and ALICE Training Institute, we conducted two live training events to help policyholders learn how to avoid violent attacks and respond should they occur. In addition to our live events, we developed a video, an FAQ sheet and a best practices checklist. We also conducted a safety roundtable and webinar series, which reached tens of thousands of people.

Allergy bands

This program uses wristbands to help staff at camps and schools identify children who have allergies and avoid potentially deadly triggers. Within one year, more than 300,000 bands were distributed to our customers.

Faith and law webinar

Changes in the legal status of same-sex marriage and consideration of transgender individuals have impacted many religious organizations. Our webinar helped policyholders navigate these changes and ensure their actions were compliant with current law.

Technology-based programs

Leveraging the latest technology is critical to serving the needs of our policyholders. We continue to assess opportunities to apply technology advancements that help protect our customers and give them peace of mind.

Expanded sensor program

Using smart device technology, our sensors monitor ambient air temperature and water presence to prevent frozen pipes and flooding. Sensors are now in place at more than 3,000 facilities.

Drone program

We continue to build on our successful drone program, which was launched in 2016 to minimize risks for our policyholders. Using unmanned aircraft, we can safely view structures, identify wildfire hazards and gather data to better assess and manage these risks.

Enhanced communication channels

Technology also enables us to connect and communicate with our policyholders in new and unique ways. By improving our ability to engage and build relationships, we can better keep our policyholders informed and protected.

Social media launch

Church Mutual became active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in 2017, providing helpful information to more than 1 million people in just eight months.

CM Studio

Video is one of the most effective ways we can communicate with others. Our new, state-of-the-art studio facilitates production of videos, blogs and other recorded content to get information to our customers — when and where they need it.

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